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The 10 Best iPhone Sports Games

There are hundreds of iPhone sports games to choose from, but which are the best? The following list will cover 10 of the best sports games for the iPhone.

1.       Real Football 2009. Also known as ‘Real Soccer 2009’ in the US, Real Football 2009 gives mobile football fans what they’ve been waiting for. The iPhone version provides excellent 3D graphics and great presentation. A good range of leagues and cups are available and the controls work exceptionally well for a touchscreen device.

2.       Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09. This hugely popular golf game blows every other mobile gaming golf offering out of the water with it’s inventive controls combined with beautiful visuals. Take your own golfer through a full season, collecting winnings to pay future entry fees and rise up the rankings.

3.       Touch KO. An excellent boxing game with a quality control system. Great animated scenes and audio with superb graphics makes the game come to life. Just needs a multiplayer!

4.       Aqua Moto Racing. A very steady water-based racing game. Good tilting controls allow for flexible movement. A well thought-out career mode makes progression through the ranks a steady difficulty gradient.

5.       Midnight Bowling. This ten-pin offering delivers great graphics and visuals. Align your bowler left or right with your finger, then flick forward to bowl; move your finger left or right as the ball progresses to add spin. Also incorporates a great ‘Happy Days’ style story mode to gain more locations.

6.       TNA Wrestling. This game provides two main features. The in-ring wrestling bouts where you engage in the fighting, and the personal progression through life and relationships outside the ring. Take your wrestler from amateur to superstar.

7.       Backbreaker Football. An American football game, where you can gain extra points for a stylish touchdown, where you dodge tackles, avoid losing lives, and score quickly. One of the best graphical offerings from iPhone gaming, but slightly slow playability.

8.       Madden NFL 10. An alternative American football offering, with excellent running, passing and kicking. There’s no multiplayer, but season mode gives you enough to do with signing and trading players, depth charts and more. Nice controls make for a highly polished game.

9.       Fifa 10. Possibly the best football game on the iPhone, Fifa 10 is slower than rival Real Football 2009 to allow for smoother touchscreen controlling. Option to control a single player’s career path and play solely as him is a nice option.

10.   Flick NBA Basketball. With incredible graphics and slick gaming, you need not look elsewhere for iPhone basketball gaming. Five mini-games give a great variety to keep you entertained.


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