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The Avengers Assemble: Film Review.

Since 2008, films based on comic-books have taken a drastic turn for the better. After the questionable Spiderman trilogy, we have had the critically acclaimed Dark Knight, Iron Man 1+2, Captain America and Thor to name a few. The Avengers bucks this trend and possibly takes comic-book adaptations to new heights while keeping the spirit of the material in play.

The plot is very much end of the world and the world needs a saviour scenario. Loki (demigod of Asgard Tom Hiddleston) has travelled through a portal created by the tesseract previously seen in Captain America and I assume Thor though I have not seen that yet. Loki possesses an obvious natural ability for being a git. Quick and lethal, he dispatches the measly guards around him while with his flamboyant staff, he can change the hearts of those he touches granted they have hearts (a pun for later in the film)….swiftly moving on. Loki escapes with the help of possessing the Hawk or known as Barton (Jeremy Renner)  from a high security underground base in which the tesseract was being kept. After only barely managing to escape, Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) calls upon the Avengers to work together to stop Loki.

Avoiding the cliche seen throughout the film, Avengers assemble works extremely well and to its credit it manages to combine the elements that each of the Marvel films had into one motion picture. Iron Man’s arrogance, Captain America’s leadership, Thor’s godly powers and the Hulks cantankerous….anger. These persona’s conflict and during the first half of the film, petty arguments ensue. It is also very good to see that all of the actors have reprised their roles showing some form of continuity in the Marvel comics franchise.

The aestehtics is probably one of the biggest assets of the film. To the end when the world is being invaded (shock, horror), up come some nasty looking floating metallic fish which they do resemble quite well. The destruction that follows rivals Transformers in terms of sheer destruction seen on screen and it does not dissapoint. Seeing Loki and the Hulk go toe to foot in the latter stages is something to see on its own merit.

There are flaws with the film but nothing to detract the audience from the extraordinary spectacle on screen. The plot is somewhat bunged up by unnecessary cliche. I admit, the target audience will be primarily to the hardcore legion of fans that cling on to their comic books dearly and witnessing a death to one of the heroes might cause an unnecessary backlash. Nonetheless though, there are many cliches with the intended appearance of one of the Avengers at the end to set up a thrilling finale. How far that Avenger must have traversed in that time is news to me. There are other minor cliched moments but nothing overly stupid. The tone of the film is well measured and paced throughout with the benefit of many positive cliches.

Overall, The Avengers proves to be good popcorn action. Made for the cinema, best seen in the cinema and it does not dissapoint. The coming together of extraordinary ego’s and personalities makes an interesting premise for the film as well as the fanboys/girls of the Marvel Comics. There are a few predictable and yawn moments but in turn there are moments that made me giggle and laugh while the en ding was truly heartfelt. It won’t win any awards for best plot, best acting etc but it still is good stuff and comes close to matching the dizzy heights of the Batman films of late.

Outside of the comic-book tag, the film remains a good film for the summer. Loud bangs, awesome fights and some killer characters makes for a film worthy of the franchise. ****

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