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The Best Games Ever Made!

Controversy, opinion and split decision. Yes- deciphering a catalogue of games born out of favouritism and turned into mutually accepted products of brilliance is a hard job for anyone. Lucky you got me here then! These games are not all necessarily my favourites but I see as the best of all time. So opinions at the ready and without a further ado….

5. Final Fantasy 7- Generally seen as the birth of mainstream role playing console gaming and its hard to see past its defining brilliance. A sweeping story with memorable characters, dialogue, an unrivalled musical score and a villain worth remembering its a treat to play even in its ageing state 15 years on. A wonderful game which captured the minds of those who played it and remains one of the best singular single platform selling games of all time.

4. Super Mario- I’m not the biggest fan of Mario or other polarizing Nintendo titles yet the original Super Mario released nearly 20 years ago remains a testament to platforming and the beginning of mainstream gaming in all media circles even boasting a quite terrible live action film based on the game. A game masterful in design and easy enough to adore yet painfully enduring to master.

3. Earthbound- The stranger on the list and hidden amongst 90’s SNES games yet without doubt possibly the best RPG of all time. A slow moving epic about time travel and a quest just as memorable. A quite brilliant game and in the days of small teams making games, how they conjured up this masterpiece is beyond belief. You got a SNES or SNES emulator around, find this and enjoy it because it will be worth the time.

2. Unreal Tournament- The year 2000 and the beginnings of multiplayer FPS from Unreal Tournament. UT does not boast an epic story or amazing depth singularly. Instead with friends, strangers and bots, Unreal Tournament still stands as an easy to play game today even after how far the genre has moved on from its fledgling days. This set in motion many FPS games to manipulate and incorporate multiplayer into their titles especially on the consoles which has been since realised.

1. Half Life- Could it be any other game? Half Life gave birth to a fully realised FPS capable of delivering a tense story captivating the players.  It seems an age ago when I was young and I saw this game on the shelves yet as time passes, this is the sort of game that gets better with age and with the genre populated by repetitive military clones its a delight to play a game focused on delivering a tale of the silent everyday man turned into gaming icon. Not my favourite game yet I applaud its direction and what it has done for gaming.

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