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The Best PS3 Games.

The seventh generation of gaming was dominated by the PS3-Xbox 360 battle. As it begins to draw to a close, I have disclosed the top 5 Xbox 360 games as a gamer in which did not own the console itself. Here are my top 5 PS3 games.

5. Warhawk: There is a reason why a 6 year old multiplayer only game continues to thrive and that is because it is brilliant. Warhawk, 32 player all out warfare. Tanks, Jeeps, Planes-its all there. The game is third person instead of FPS in which the stunning game design accommodate the scale of the game fully. No match is the same-even with the same pretences, Warhawk is instantly gratifying, challenging and most importantly fun.

4. Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception: The Uncharted trilogy was one of my favourite trilogy of games I have ever played rounded off by a mesmerising third entry. Nathan Drake and co face a battle against a cult British organisation with a grudge against Drake. Brilliant design, humour, gameplay, story and atmosphere result in probably the finest action-adventure game this generation. This game would have placed higher had it not been for an equally mesmerising game from the same studio.

3. Killzone 2: Much has been made of the FPS games that appear on the PS3. Most will observe and say that the games are second to the Halo series. I have to disagree with that statement as Killzone 2 if anything is better than Halo 3. Killzone 2 firstly has brilliant multiplayer. Tactical, varied and diverse, the multiplayer encourages teamwork over a layered battlefield to win. But, Killzone 2 also has a finely crafted single player worth playing. No shoddy vehicle sequences or BS cutscenes-this is hardcore FPS action. The game is extremely difficult on the higher difficulties also. Brilliant graphics, sound, gameplay and multiplayer equal Killzone 2, the best FPS on the PS3.

2. The Last Of Us: The latest entry in the list and I have to say is a magnificent game. The Last Of Us though is not a fun game. It is not fun trying to survive against the odds against vile transformed infected humans. No, the game evokes harsh emotion throughout with mature themes, survival instinct and at the root of it all a simple tale with disastrous consequences. One of the best games I have ever played without a doubt. The Last Of Us also benefits from a solid multiplayer offering in which the harsh setting is replicated brilliantly in multiplayer. A stunning game for every gamer.

1.Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots: With the praise lavished on The Last Of Us, surely it deserved to be number 1? Well no, because MGS4 is the game that comes closest to perfection. I have never played a game that is linear yet so procedural in my time gaming. You have limited space and go from one area to the next-but the possibilities you do it are endless. Factor in an epic story, gameplay and graphics-MGS4 is the best PS3 game. It was the reason I bought one and is still the reason I have it. MGS4 also had multiplayer for a while yet despite its issues was also very good with unique modes and offerings. A captivating game and a game truly representative of this generation-certainly the best game I have played for the past 5 years. Stunning.

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