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The Best Xbox 360 Games.

As we draw the seventh generation of gaming to close, the battle between the PS3 and Xbox 360 was fierce. Opinions range as to who won -and which has the better games. But if you got either one-then your the real winner. Here are my top 5 games that I played on the 360.

5. Lost Odyssey: In 2007, I watched on as the Xbox got a major coup. Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi created an exclusive fantasy RPG for the 360 which boasted Final Fantasy stylised gameplay and setting. My time with the game was not all that long-however, the game provided immediate interest and a phenomenal battle system. The game certainly helped its short-term standing with Japanese gamers. This is definitely a game that I wish that came to the PS3.

4. Halo 3: Halo 3 certainly rode a wave of hype at the time of its release with its blockbusting campaign and deep multiplayer. I have my opinions on the franchise and while I see the third entry as one of the weaker entries, it is still a great game today. The multiplayer is the major highlight. Matches are fluent often sparking no lag, the map design is great and all round fun. It is a shooter in which has grabbed the hype of gamers worldwide. One of the first major console multiplayer FPS games of this generation.

3. Guitar Hero 2: While this was a multiplatform game, the Xbox 360 version was a whole new game altogether with the benefit of online services as well as better graphics. I regard Guitar Hero 2 as the best rhythm action game I have ever played. The tracks available varied brilliantly with some great underrated tracks appearing. Also, the game flowed fluently and seamlessly compared to its latest games. A brilliant game and falls down the list thanks to its multiplatform standing.

2. Forza Motorsport 2: I am a Gran Turismo person. I grew up with Gran Turismo, played them all and at the time of Forza 2 was still gunning through GT3 which was 6 years old. To my surprise, Forza 2 truly captured my imagination of racing as well as driving. It was a brilliant game which combined everything good about driving as well as racing. I would race terribly because of my unrealistic style of racing which would lead to many crashes. Then that would lead me to being buggered for the rest of the race because of the damage that my car sustained. Since Forza 2, Forza certainly stands as equal footer to Gran Turismo.

1. Gears Of War: The single game worth owning an Xbox 360 for. Gears Of War on multiple occasions nearly made me purchase an Xbox 360 because it is that good. The series has refined since the original but the overall impact has not been matched whatsoever. Gears Of War comprised of a decent single player with great set-pieces with some of the best multiplayer ever seen. Despite the small number of players (4 vs 4), the map sizes accommodated smaller tactical battles which resulted in constructed chaotic mayhem. The game nearly 7 years on still plays as good as ever.

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