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The Everyday Apps for Your iPhone – Do You Have Them?

The apps your iPhone needs!

Some apps are good for the outdoors, others are best left for the morning bus trip to work – and there are those that should be on your iPhone no matter what the situation!

Keep your eyes open for these apps as you might find them to be more useful than you would think…


Why should you shell out for a universal remote when you have just paid an arm and a leg for an iPhone?  Don’t worry because you don’t have to…simply get your hands on this app and you have a universal remote function right in your iPhone.

With the app you will be able to control any other electrical equipment you might have around you, although to be honest what else do you use when you have an iPhone resting neatly in your palm?


Some apps don’t have a reason, they just ARE…and this is one of those apps.  Pour yourself a realistic looking beer right into your iPint, so to speak, and then tip it right down your throat and watch it drain away as if it were real.

All the realism of a pint of beer without the expense, hangover or taste…


Do I really need to explain this app?  We all know what Sudoku is…no longer is it resigned to the coffee tables of the upper classes on a Sunday afternoon with a cup of coffee – we can all have a go now…

If you don’t know what you’re doing when trying your hand at Sudoku then just look as though you’re really trying and everyone will think you’re a brain box no matter whether all the boxes are empty or not…


They have been saying recently that doodling can actually aid your memory – that may not be true but if you believe it is then this is the app for you.  What better way than to join the twenty first century than to transfer doodling while on the phone to doodling on the phone.



If you have been waiting for an app that collects all of your social networking needs together into one tidy container then this is for you.  AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, GoogleTalk, ICQ, Jabber and MySpace are all available to mash up on BeeJive.


Time is for wasting and there is no better way to waste precious time than to watch the intricacies of gravity.  Draw an object and watch it bounce around as if it were judged by the laws of physics.

Where do they think up these ideas?


There is something romantic about a rotary dial telephone from the good old days before Orange and Nokia – if you want to get a little piece of history back to your fingertips then grab hold of this app.

Some may call it a waste of time – shut them up by dialling your Nan up and ask her to rush to your defence.

What do you think?

What apps do you love and can’t live without?  Do you agree with our list?  Let us know…

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