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The History Of JAVA

JAVAOriginally developed by Sun Microsystems in on 1995, the JAVA programming language was created as a major element of Sun Microsoft’s JAVA platform.  It is basically a simplified version of the C and C++ languages, but adapted for the JAVA platform.  So why has it become so popular?

Sun Microsystems took the very clever step of actually distributing JAVA under a GNU licence, which effectively means that the language is open source, available to anybody and everybody.  This has spawned a massive JAVA industry with a number of different variations and new facilities now available.  In essence there were 5 main elements to the language when it was created :-

  • It was created using the object-oriented programming methodology.
  • It should be compatible with all main operating systems.
  • It should support computer networks.
  • It should be able to securely execute source from other locations.
  • It should incorporate a range of good elements of other languages on the market.

The compatibility issue is perhaps the most important development with JAVA, something which has allowed it to be used across a wide variety of operating systems.  This is possible using the JAVA virtual machine which effectively translates the original JAVA code into a code which is compatible with the operating system being used.  This gives the language its unique ability to jump between operating systems with a seamless style.

While the language is still fairly young in computing terms, the take up and acceptance by the computing community has been universal. The portability of the system , the ease of communication with different operating systems and the open source element has created a very popular and much needed alternative to the more main stream languages. 

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