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Relationship Between Cinema And Gaming Part 1-Funding

Hands up- who thinks that games looks like films? Pfft why am I asking that, of course they do and you can all put your hands down.Yes games look  lush and real without question in line with the latest trend in technology.  Games though bear a more significant purpose. From the outset, games are imitating and playing upon many cliches that are found through a popcorn film like Indiana Jones for example. An alternative to film?. But why? Why is a conventional interactive hobby that places bums on seats-controllers and what not in hands with eyes glued to the screen so in favour of copying cinema? The answer is entertainment.

Stereotypcially, audiences love the throught of being able to imitate on-screen characters with the popular choices of James Bond and Buzz Lightyear for example at a young age (hell some of us on the inside still want to) while watching films. In games however, you can play as the said character'(s) and it is most likely the closest that the majority of people will be able to imitate as the said character. Its all so entertaining and thats one of the many aspects that makes both mediums thrive. However for both to be successful, money has to be made. Cinema has been established for the best part of the past century. Gaming as we see it today has only in the past ten or so years established itself  as a direct competetor to cinema financially.

How? Going to my local Odeon cinema and to see any new release generally costs around £5-10 depending on seating and features such as 3D glasses. The subsequent DVD release after time (if the film was liked) can be picked up for around £10-15. The total spending  is  £20-25.

A brand new game release within the “new” time-frame i.e. two-three months will set the average consumer back at around £35-40.

A million people took the same approach to the cinema and DVD approach resulting in £20-25,000,000 being spent. A million people also took the same approach to the game and £35-40,000,000 was spent. For both though, the revenue of both mediums does not go straight to the corresponding companies as it is split evenly. That said though, the numbers tell a story and that is games are able to offer a unique way of interactive entertainment but also are a direct financial competitor to cinema.

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