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The Room-An Insight.

Some of you will cringe, some of you will laugh and some will think what on Earth?- Yes, “The Room.” 2003 and directed by Tommy Wiseau. This is a film that has a split personality. For you see for those of you not familiar with this film…it is awful in every conceivable way. The acting is wooden, stiff-borderline childlike and watching Tommy Wiseau pronounce not as “nahht” becomes monotonous very soon. The writing also is impaired with basic phrases and presents awkward social construction in scenes which juxtapose what normally would be seen as a tragic moment but only to be seen as a light hearted one.

Critically panned and at the premiere screening, some critics were seen rolling around the floor with laughter. Just what were they laughing at? Obviously it is how bad the film is and how badly it comes across to the viewer. Yet the film now seen as a “black comedy” is most certainly bad but it is good and worth watching. A bold statement certainly yet films that are so blatantly bad like this has never been seen before. There are films out there that are bad and are really really boring such as Batman and Robin, Gigli, Alone in The Dark and Twilight (yes I said it). These films have flaws that come in the acting, direction etc. Yet none are as bad as The Room and yet none are as watch-able as The Room which is bizarre.

So why the obsession with this film? Since its inception, the film has been a cult hit cited as “the holy grail of bad acting” yet that has not deterred the regular crowds at screen events worldwide. The film was plagued by production issues ranging from casting to Tommy ending up fulfilling the producing, directing and the lead in the film. What people will want to know and what readers on this will want to know is, “is it that bad?” That bad that you can laugh or that bad you facepalm with a fist? Fortunately, the film is hilarious as unintentionally due to many bad faults in writing, acting and direction it presents itself as a serious film yet brings the question to many people watching, “did a child make this?” Yes. That child is Tommy Wiseau. A French gaunt creepy zombified actor that has brought what will be cited as one of the worst films of all time from his own doing yet with the audience that has followed gallantly, no one can fault him for what is a true cult film.

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