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The SixthAxis model.

Gaming websites are something of a commodity mostly. The gaming scene is dominated by three main sites-IGN, gamespot and Joystiq which are all based in America yet are transnational. The three sites in particular IGN and Joystiq draw unfavourable controversy to their community. The articles and reviews are blazed out the world over in which varying comments are returned in a negative way mostly trolling or hating on the article.

In Europe, the gaming websites are generally dominated by mainly by eurogamer and Edge. However, both of these sites in my personal opinion do not employ some of the brilliant perks that thesixthaxis (TSA) has. TSA has been around since 2006/7. It is growing in size and stature year on year rapidly being considered as one of Europe’s leading gaming websites if not the leading website in the UK. They even had one of their staff writers appeared on Sky News in February.

As for articles they are varied and informative. Their writing is on par with their competition being substantially less bloated than what Edge produces despite their status. The key to TSA though is their community and it thrives. Having a members forum area, members can start sub forums within designated topics, join in on organised game meets/events or even create meets when having interacted with the site for long enough.

Comments are refreshing from members. There is very little bombardment of troll views though there are some naturally. Staff writers and moderators often interact in the comments replying to comments as well as forum interactions. They even have their own trophy leaderboard for PS3 owners which provides healthy banter and competition between members most of which are extremely friendly.

Primarily focused on Playstation news in the beginning, TSA have opted to embrace all consoles and platforms not to a greater extent than the Playstation offerings but  has adapted sensibly. With friendly members and enthusiastic staff members which provide daily content (not so much on weekends), TSA may seem on the surface like any other gaming website. The difference is the community focus and orientation.

It should be noted that TSA are non-profit so there is no profit making involved in working for TSA. Despite this, the gargantuan effort the staff puts in is immense and rivals any if not all of its competitors. I enjoy visiting the site, commenting on articles and interacting in the forums. I sincerely hope that TSA continues to grow further and stronger as the model they have in place in modern internetting is just so damn precious it shouldn’t be left to waste. So TSA, I salute you!

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