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The Social Networking Apps Keeping You Connected On Your iPhone!

Twitter app upgrade dismissed!

Twitter fans will be down in the dumps as the news surfaces that the Twitter client for the iPhone won’t be receiving a brand new update – Apple have refused to allow the upgrade as they claim the apps “Trends” page used a naughty word…thanks go out to Apple for saving our innocent souls once more.

So what do we do in this world of online social networking without the new upgrade for the Twitter client – well don’t panic because there are plenty of other options for you to keep up-to-date with all your friends!


Making a migration from the desktop to the iPhone isn’t always an easy move but Twitterific made the transition perfectly.

Being known for delivering an elegant and fresh style to your Twitter needs, Twitterific manages to bring you everything you would ever require to float around your Twitter world.


Trying not to deliver the same old Twitter-ish mood, Twittelator aims at bringing a different twist on the social networking fashion by offering a few tidy options that Twitterific fails to provide.

If you want ease when playing around and tweeting away then this is the app for you – you’ll find that Twittelator makes replying to tweets and keeping track of everything is made just that much easier.

MySpace Mobile

MySpace is great so it’s obvious that the iPhone app that supported the social networking site would also be pretty great – and it is!

The app is easy to use and does exactly what it says on the tin – if you want to take your MySpace account from your computer and move it to your iPhone then this is exactly what you need.

Everything is set out pretty much exactly how you would want it and moving around the MySpace world is made both fun and easy.


Facebook is great too and you would hope that the app that supported the social networking site would also be pretty great – but it’s only so-so…

It’s nice to see that the Facebook app has kept the simplicity of the original site but the app fails to take the whole experience a step further and so instead of exciting us by putting a fresh spin on the whole situation Facebook are just bringing the “same old” to the iPhone platform.

At least the MySpace app made everything nicer…


Last but not least we can’t forget Flickr – after all we all love checking out other peoples pictures because we’re such a nosey bunch of people!

There isn’t an official release of a Flickr app for the iPhone but this one is good enough…roam around the photos on Flickr with ease and style.  You can even take it a step further and share images that you are viewing through other platforms.

What about you?

Have we touched upon all of your social networking needs or are you so far ahead of us you’re in 2010?  Let us know if there are some apps that aren’t featured above that you think are worthy of a mention…

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