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The top five games to look forward to this fall.

The games are coming thick and fast for this fall with the next generation consoles soon upon us. The end of year time is generally the most prolific for game releases. So here are five games for all console owners to look forward to and see what the fuss is all about.

If you own a PS3 or X360- Grand Theft Auto 5Definitely the most highly anticipated game of this year. The latest instalment in the series seems to be a fitting swansong for current consoles. With GTA online detailed last week, I am of the firm belief that this game will keep gamers away from next generation consoles for the time being. It should be good and will hit stores 17th September. PC owners may get a port at some point down the line but for now, grab a PS3/360 and get on it.

If you get a PS4 or Xbox One- Watch DogsBefore the detailed footage of GTA5 this year, Watch Dogs was gathering momentum as being a definitive open-world game. It still seems to be that way and despite appearing on all platforms, the next generation versions will be the go-to get versions. In a world of infinite possibilities and where technology is the hub of all good and that is bad, how will you handle situations? It is along with Battlefield 4 the best next-gen game around most likely.

Best exclusive- Beyond:Two SoulsDavid Cage returns to the fray after the quite brilliantly flawed gem that was Heavy Rain in 2010. Beyond sees you control a supernatural powered young woman Jodie (Ellen Page) through her life. Recruited by the government, she is seen as a weapon for America’s needs. The game also features a role from Willem Dafoe as her psychiatrist and long-time friend. It will most likely play like Heavy Rain and will be story-centric rather than gameplay centric. I believe it will be a dark-horse for interest before the PS4 arrives.

For anyone with a PS Vita- Killzone MercenaryThe Vita has had a bit of a torrid time though that has since improved. The handheld has had two very underwhelming FPS games. Yet, Killzone Mercenary looks to be the finest handheld shooter ever made. The beta has been going strong for the past two weeks while the interest in the game has sky-rocketed. With great graphics and solid mechanics, this is a game all about the gameplay rather than story or bromance narrative. The game releases this Friday.

For everyone with a DS- Pokemon YPokemon is back and with more ridiculously named creatures. Its also back with better graphics, online functionality and a revamped battle system. It should sell by the bucketload and quite rightly so. The Pokemon games reinvented handheld gaming altogether. I believe its a necessary move for the franchise and the game should appear on the Wii U to boost the console.

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