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Top 10 2013 Games.

2013 was a great year for games. Plenty of variety, new consoles, the return of old faces and some new ones-2013 also gave us one of the best games of all time. Either way, there was something for everyone in 2013. Here are the top 10:

10. Sound Shapes (PS4): A port of the game released last year but don’t let that fool you. Sound Shapes stands as one of the most unique games ever made-a real treat for the eyes and ears. Getting enhanced visuals and as part of cross-buy, exisiting owners can get the PS4 version for free. It is a wonderful game-extremely innovative, fun and comes with a good soundtrack too.

9. Killzone Mercenary (PS Vita): Handheld first-person shooters are something of a mixed bag. Last year, both Resistance and COD failed on the biggest stage. Killzone: Mercenary released in September to critical acclaim here and stands as one of the best handheld shooters around. A brilliant game with superb gameplay, graphics and a surprisingly deep multiplayer-a must buy for all Vita owners.

8. Pokemon X+Y (3DS): Pokemon made a blistering return by going full-on 3D at long long last. It is still Pokemon, it’s still mostly the same. But, its addictive as ever and as involving as ever. Certainly, this year has been a year to remember for the 3DS after this and Fire Emblem which sadly just missed out on the list. For all 3DS owners though, this is a must.

7. Machinarium (PS Vita): One of the games of last year, the Vita finally gets a port of one of the best puzzle games in recent memory. It is as hard as nails-but combines fantastic animation with intelligent puzzles and a nice narrative to go with it. The Vita got two great ports this year-Machinarium and The Walking Dead-both of which are fantastic.

6. Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch (PS3): One of the forgotten games of this year in the midst of the later bigger releases-Ni No Kuni is a wonderful game. It yarns us back to the good old days when JRPG’s were cool, involving and fun. It is a return to form for Level 5 after the quite simply pants White Knight Chronicles. With a good story, better gameplay and some of the best anime graphics ever witnessed in gaming-you can hardly go wrong.

5. Bioshock Infinite (PS3/360/PC): Bioshock is something of a mystery. On the one hand, it is completely innovative. On the other, it is another Half Life. Step up Bioshock: Infinite which blows the original out of the water. With a great narrative dynamic, much more open gameplay and some excellent technical attributes-Infinite will stand just below Half Life which is no mean feat itself.

4. The Walking Dead (360/PS3/PC/PS Vita): The retail release saw last years’ The Walking Dead hit discs as well as Vita owners. The game is that good that the re-release gets this high. The game is special in almost every single way and would be placed higher were it not for the fact it has a few bugs. A milestone in emotional storytelling, the game emerged as one of the great games of 2012 and this generation.

3.Persona 4: Golden (PS Vita): Persona is a series which hasn’t kicked as much as a bucket in the UK. That is shame because the fourth instalment is something truly special. Persona 4: Golden is a breathtaking old-fashioned JRPG which combines solid gameplay with that odd Japanese humour we have come to love. Factor in a memorable story and 80 hours worth of quests, Persona on the Vita is essential.

2. Grand Theft Auto 5 (360/PS3): GTA 5 rolled off considerably of the hype bandwagon and didn’t quite reach full marks in our review. Having saying that, what GTA does is combine its elements to near perfection mostly. While not taking steps forwards, it reinforces the ground beneath the feet making sure that GTA is back on form with the 5th instalment. A meaty treat with plenty of content, gameplay possibilities and a stupendous online mode, GTA5 despite some shortcomings is nonetheless absolutely essential.

1. The Last Of Us (PS3): The Last Of Us is one of the best games ever made and it would be injustice to the game to place it anywhere else. Despite the presence of GTA this year, The Last Of Us was a game like no other-making gamers appreciate features of a game not utilised often. Harsh emotional drama, tense gameplay, brilliant endearing narrative. The Last Of Us is a joyous game but not in the sense to play but to experience, savour and then play again.

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