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Top 4 iPhone Games In 3 Dimensions

3 Dimensions

There isn’t enough that can be said for 3 dimensions – after all we don’t live in 2 dimensions so why do we have to play games in 2 dimensions.  Cinema, and Hollywood basically, is turning towards 3D once again (although this time properly if you believe Cameron) so it’s about time gaming stayed in 3 dimensions.

It’s hard to understand which games are the best in 3 dimensions – some games are too tacky to be given the time of day, others thrive in the 3 dimensions – read on to find out which ones you should download for your iPhone and which ones you should leave in the AppStore to rot.

Assassin’s Creed: Altair’s Chronicles

The game is set in Jerusalem in 1191AD – obviously the perfect location for a 3D gaming battle experience.  You find yourself in the midst of a battle between the Crusaders and the Saracens in the Third Crusades.

This game is a prequel to the original Assassin’s Creed and managed to supply great fun through terrific game play and storyline.  You have to manage to get used to stealth, chaos and riddle solving all in one exciting game.


Originally, this game was one of the highest selling games ever made – back in ’93 it was a graphic adventure filled with mystery inventory items and puzzles to work through.

Although we wouldn’t dare loading this game today on our jet fast PCs, the game seems to fit nicely on the iPhone platform and you can play away the hours working through the stages.

Myst is a truly magnificent game as it manages to mix classic gaming with 3 dimensional fun – some people actually think that the developers of the original game had the iPod/iPhone in mind when coming up with the game because it moulds so well to the format.

Fastlane Street Racing

Nothing can beat arcade racing – the joy you feel when you win a race and get another one to play for free – it’s a fantastic couple of minutes of fun if you’re lucky.

Now you can be in control of you own arcade fun on your iPhone with 5 different game modes and as you might have guessed 3 dimensions to race in – there are 10 cars to choose from and 8 different circuits to drive around!

Resident Evil – Degeneration

This game is supposed to be one of the most enthusiastic 3 dimensional games out there at the moment – the game is based on a recently released CD animated movie and the game sees you exploring, rescuing and solving mysteries and puzzles as you would come to expect in a Resident Evil game.

3D and Loving It?

Are you keen on 3 dimensions?  Do you think that 2D is dead?  Let us know what you think of the games on the list and let us know what you think about 3D by leaving a comment…

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