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Top 4 Mentalist Mobile Games (Who Thinks This Stuff Up??)

Weird Is The Way Forward

Mobile gaming is still fighting strong despite the recent release of the Nintendo DSi, the coming PSPgo and the possibility of the iPhone 3.0 – there are still mobile games out there that deserve our time and patience and we should do them justice by at least giving them a go!

Some of the games available for your mobile phone are generally quite weird – below are some of the top nuttiest games available for your mobile phone that you should really have a go at before you turn your back on the format…


The aim of the game is to roll a soft objects around a level filled with obstacles by simply tilting the stages either left or right to move around.  This game is great if you fancy rolling the hours away on your phone although it can be a bit of a weird experience!

The game is created in a cartoon like theme using thick slabs of colours where possible meaning that the game can remain timeless for years to come.


SolaRola’s idea was captured from a popular PSP game called LocoRoco which played in a similar fashion – Gish is also a take on the game, although it is quite different to SolaRola.

In Gish you are tasked with moving a black blob through a series of levels by changing the blobs shape and properties allowing it to ooze around the level.  It’s almost nothing like SolaRola while being really similar – amazing!

Mystery Mania

If you miss playing games like Larry’s Leisure Suit and Full Throttle then this is the game you’ve been waiting for – it’s a point and click kind of game that allows you to move around a creepy old mansion looking for clues to solve the mystery.  Although it’s a truly simply premise, the game is fun and addictive and if you can get past the simplicity then you’re in for a good old treat!

Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords

This game mixes together the success of two genres into one weird yet amazing genre in itself – puzzle and RPG genres.  On the surface the game is a simple “match 3” puzzle game, but the game actually manages to go deeper when the RPG side of things kicks in.

The puzzle part of the game actually acts as the battlefield in the war raging on in the RPG section of the game – different colours mean different things, either attacking or defensive moves.  What you do on the puzzle board makes a world of difference on the battlefield so the game is more complicated than you would originally think…

Weird Mobile Gaming?

Are you in the mood for a bit of weird mobile gaming?  Do you think mobile gaming is going to survive the next wave of portable gaming gems?  Leave us a comment with your thoughts on the matter…

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