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Top 5 DS Titles From E3 2009

E3 2009 – The Top DS Games

As we discussed yesterday, the E3 conference had a great offering for portable gaming – we looked at some of the games on their way for the PSP format, today we’re going to look at what’s in store for DS gamers.

Sony provided us with some serious gaming experiences – Nintendo on the other hand seem to have gone back to basics with their line up, in an obvious attempt to remain attractive to the casual gamers out there.

Below are some of the top casual games on offer from the DS camp through the E3 Conference this year;

The Lord Of The Rings:  Aragorn’s Quest

This game is set to be released on both the DS and PSP formats, but the DS version of the game seems to be on a higher rung in the ladder due to its marvellous use of graphics compared to the PSP version.

In this game, you play as Aragorn and fight your way through the key battles from the Lord Of The Rings trilogy – as if we needed another LOTR game?  This version is nothing special compared to the others but if you like the films, you’ll probably have a great time with this game…

Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes

This game brings more “match 3” style gaming that the masses have come to love to pass away the hour they spend on the bus every morning – if you’re looking for a game to get stuck in to then this isn’t it, but if you are looking to have a quick bit of fun then you should be playing!

The game is actually set to be quite a hit for bringing strategy with turn based attacks and terrific graphics – what more could the average casual gamer want from their DS?


You are supplied with over 10,000 nouns that you can use to spell out providing your character with objects that he can then in turn use to solve more than 200 different puzzles.

The game is created using funky 2 dimensional art that is always timeless and fresh and the gameplay is fun and impressive combining to deliver a really complete gaming experience.

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

In this version of the Zelda gaming experience, you can use your very own phantom guardian to supply a bit of extra power and puzzle solving characteristics supplying new dimensions to the game.

Mario & Luigi: Boswer’s Inside Story

You are provided with the same Mario/Luigi gameplay that you have become used to over the years, where you play through levels bouncing on baddies heads, chucking shells at them – the difference in this version of the game is that you are given the option to also control the likes of Bowser and his little dudes!

E3 Justice?

Do you think the DS’s showing for games at the E3 conference is much good?  Have you seen any games you are looking forward to?  Leave us a comment and let us know…

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