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Top 5 Puzzle Games For Your Mobile

Puzzle games!

Mobile gaming has been left out in the cold recently what with the introduction of the DSi and the ever-popular experience of the iPhone.  Mobile gaming is still close to our hearts and will always entertain no matter what the day has to hold.

One of the all time favourite gaming genres for the mobile gaming geek is puzzles.  There’s never a dull moment when you can unlock your phone, open your game and play away until it gets dark – that’s why we have decided to check out some of the best puzzle games available to keep you busy;

Puzzle Bobble Evolution

Puzzle Bobble made a name for itself years ago, but this was only on the larger gaming consoles that involved televisions and computer screens, not miniature mobile phone screens.

Now we have the Puzzle Bobble Evolution, which sees the game perfectly migrate from the small screen to the smallest screen – mobile gamers can now knock away coloured orbs whenever they want.

Bejeweled Twist

Bejewled has been in our hearts and souls ever since we first swapped gems and made a set of three all those years ago – today we can carry on our love for matching lines of the same gem on our mobile phones.

Thankfully there isn’t much that has changed from the original, actually the changes actually make the game more fun, which is often PopCap’s usual move.  Instead of moving two gems you get to rotate a set of four, which means an even more complex experience that you can’t put down.


Tetris has been bled dry, but it always comes back to be one of the most successful games ever created.  If you want a “back-to-basics” version of the game then you have to look no further than the original Tetris game.

If you want pure thrill, all you need is a number of different coloured and shaped blocks and a clock that speeds up business…you can play for hours…

Tropical Towers

As the name suggests you are in a Tropical scenario and you need to build Towers – although quite simple in the thinking process the game manages to remain fun and exciting.

You build structures to allow your little monkey buddies to climb up to the next level – for a change you are provided with a game that actually seems to conform with realistic physics for a change making the game that little bit more realistic and therefore fun.

Chop Sushi

Obviously Bejeweled is the king of the match and disappear puzzle game, but Chop Sushi is not far off being just as good.  Sushi manages to introduce a much-needed competitive edge to the gaming experience making you actually really want to kick your opponent’s bum.

In Sushi you take it in turns to have a crack at the board and your aim is to beat down your opponents total throughout the game – pure fun!


Do you have any favourite puzzle games for your mobile?  Do you have any from our list?  Let us know…

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