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Top 5 Toddler iPhone/iPod Touch Apps

Toddler apps to keep your toddlers busy…

When you bought your iPhone you probably had some romantic idea that you would be connected to your friends and family every minute of the day, you’d have access to a ton of fantastic apps and you would look pretty cool – in the end you’ve found that your little nippers are actually sapping all of your time and you never even get a chance to put the Pampers down to make a simple phone call – don’t worry…

The following apps have been designed to keep your toddlers distracted while you take a five-minute breather.  Just make sure they don’t get bored when you’re not looking and throw your iPhone into the lake…that wouldn’t be a fun break-down…

Animal Sounds Machine

This app is going to morph your very expensive iPhone into one of those books that were around in the 80s that made a noise when you pressed a button – we can now swap thick cardboard and rubbish sound effects for a device that can do your taxes in a few taps.  Press a picture and hear the sound – simple concept, hours of toddler entertainment.


Forget the rhyme, your kids can now learn their ABCs with the help of this little alphabet teaching application.  The app will show your little ones an image and the first letter of the word so they can associate A with Apple while you’re getting your nails done…Just remember to expect sounds as the app speaks the word aloud!


This app is preparing the miniature call centre operative inside all your children – ToddlerPhoneNumbers helps your children with their counting skills and numeral recognition.  You can also get the app in Spanish in case you feel like tricking them into thinking they have lose their minds…could be slightly disturbing though!


Don’t put all your hope into this app – I don’t think it could hold your toddler’s attention for more than 3 seconds but anything is worth a try.  There are bubbles as you might have thought and the aim of the app is to pop them…pretty simple and probably quite addictive for a 2 year old.  A really nice feature of this app is that it uses the motion sensors inside the phone so no matter which way the iPhone is pointed the bubbles will always float towards the sky!

Bubble Snap

Do you remember when you were a three year old and you got hold of some bubble wrap and you were lost in a trance for the next 2 hours popping bubbles all over the place.  Do you remember the other day when you did exactly the same thing?  It’s great for both you and your little one so if they get bored you can at least have something to do when they’re crying…


Do you reckon you would find these apps useful?  Do you have any iPhone tricks that you have discovered keep a toddler busy for more than 3 seconds?  Let us know!

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