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Top 7 First Player Shooters You Should Have On Your iPhone!

First Player Shooters You Need To Be Playing

The iPhone is obviously a great gaming tool as we have all come to know…but there is one genre of gaming that has been too under represented – First Player Shooters.  Let’s break away from the popular guitar emulators and puzzle games and take a look at the games that have taken the bold trip from computers and consoles to the Smartphone.


Violence and FPS games obviously go hand in hand, but if you’re looking for a game that really takes the collaboration to the next level then this is what you want!  Cube brings the raw excitement and enjoyability of Counter Strike to the iPhone platform and thrusts it together with tons of maps, skill levels and monsters.

Duck Shoot

You have 45 seconds, a gun and a bunch of ducks in front of you…what do you think you have to do…although the idea is amazingly simple you would be surprised how addictive this game can be!  You constantly want to beat your last go and that’s the secret behind addictive games.

Toy Tanks 3D Lite

Tanks can be tough to move about so imagine if you’ve been thrown into a battle zone inside a tank and the pressure is on…the game is challenging and the graphics look good!  Furthermore the sound compliments the game well making the whole experience really really fun…’nuff said!

iSniper Lite

Basically sniping can be fun apparently…sure, killing shouldn’t be promoted but if you ever fancy giving the old sniper a go then you should give this game a go.  Have you got the precision it takes to be a good sniper?  There’s only two ways to find out but I suggest you do the iPhone way…

iShoot Lite

iShoot is another tanking experience where you’re thrown in to a big mess and you have to shoot your way out.  Seek and destroy your opponent and use one of the many weapons you have at your disposal.  What a way to relieve stress!

Viper Lite

Viper Lite takes us into space for an all action spaceship shooter game.  Viper echoes an age where the games were simple yet seductive.  Space is one of those locations where our imaginations can still run wild and free and we can still be thrilled by the freedom of the universe.

AlienMangle Lite

The name of the game leaves little to the imagination – if you haven’t figured it out already you have to walk around mangling aliens…the question is can you be violent enough to take them on?  It’s not that scary, I’m only messing…

FPS – Where are they all?

Do you feel that the AppStore should make more room for first player shooters and get rid of some of the puzzle games plaguing Smartphone world?  Let us know what your favourite FPS is…we want to hear from you!

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