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Top Addictive Games For Your iPhone

The must-have addictive games for the iPhone that you need on your iPhone…

There are three types of games available for the iPhone – the good ones, the bad ones and the addictive ones!  This list is all about the latter option…addictive games don’t fit in either good or bad columns because we’re always too busy playing them to even make a serious judgement.

Book a couple of days off work because as soon as you download these apps you should find that the next thing you know you’ll wake up on Thursday evening with a short beard and a painful thumb…

Tap Tap Revenge

Now the highest selling app for the iPhone, Tap Tap Revenge has taken a highly successful idea (Guitar Hero) and migrated it over to the iPhone.  A great little app that you are going to struggle to put down…play your heart out to some pretty popular tunes that you didn’t actually think would feature on an app like this.  And if you’re bored with the tracks that you’ve got then feel free to download more!


You have to direct a jelly car in this app!  Get the jelly app to its target destination by flipping it, growing it or shrinking it or doing some other insane stunts that will keep you smiling for hours on end.  Just watch out for the obstacles that want to ruin your fun…


It’s a good thing that this game has 120 levels because it is one of the most addictive games you can put your fingers on – you are a stick man and you have to “trace” your way to safety in each level, avoiding the usual dangers and pitfalls along the way, obviously.  120 levels aren’t going to be covered overnight!


If spot-the-difference is your thing (and I know it’s not everyone’s image of a great evening in) then this app is all for you.  You are supplied with two photos based on sport pictures from the sports channel ESPN and your task is to obviously spot the differences between the two images – 73 levels means you either need to love this simple game or hate it in which case you should steer clear!

Tap Defence

A strategy game that actually makes you think and use your mind for a change – stop the aliens from getting through the gate.  You’ll need to use your noggin when upgrading and placing your weapons but once you crack on to it you’ll love it.

Space Deadbeef

A classic always has to make the addictive list.  It’s no Pac-Man but this app is a 2-D aircraft shooting game that gets harder over time.  It’s not a new combination of features but it’s a winner every time.

“I downloaded this addictive app and all I got for my trouble was this repetitive strain syndrome”…

Do you find that addictive games are a great way to blow away the hours and have nothing to show for your trouble or do you think they should be banned for slowing the country down?  Let us know…

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