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Top DSi Secrets Nintendo Don’t Want Us Talking About

DSi – You may not have know about this but…

You’ve got your DSi set firmly in your palm where it’s been for weeks now and you’re getting a little tired of the same old DSi experience – there are a few little interesting things your DSi can do that you probably weren’t aware of.

Nintendo haven’t been broadcasting these little extra features and you probably weren’t told about any of them when you bought your unit, but once you discover them you won’t look at your DSi again…you may want to marry it…

No Need For The SD Card

You may start panicking if you don’t have an SD card in your machine when you want to take a picture – this is probably because you’ve been convinced that you need an SD card in place to take pictures on the DSi’s cameras – this is a lie I’m afraid.

The great thing about the DSi is that it was shipped with a noble 256MBs of internal memory for you to play with which means you can get away with taking a fair few pictures and still carry on with your usual DSi goings on.  Furthermore you can even use the internal memory to download content from the DSi shop…

PictoChat Colour

You might think that you’ve been ripped off after paying all that money for a brand new DS only to boot up PictoChat to see that everything seems to be exactly the same – actually, it’s not…

Nintendo have decided to hide away new features as they seem to think that people like to pay money to spend months discovering things on their games consoles…there is a hidden rainbow pen on the same button as the standard black pen – just hit it twice and you can draw away in a child-like rainbow of colours.

Mario Minigame

There is a secret little Mario minigame available to you when you’re uploading AAC-format music onto your unit through your SD card.  While you’re waiting for the music to migrate all you have to do is pull the string in the middle or even more simply just press the down button on the d-pad and you can scroll through a few funky graphic equalisers.

Two of these let you interact with them – one allows you to shoot bullets from a spaceship but obviously the more interesting one is the Mario minigame where you have to avoid bullets and collect coins.  A great little secret treat that helps you pass the time while your music moves over to your DSi.

Hints and Tips!

Do you have any other secret tips and advice for your DSi that you know about and want to share with the world?  Are you happy with your DSi a few weeks on or do you think it was a bit of a waste of money?  Leave us a comment and let us know…

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