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Top Expensive iPhone Apps That Actually Have Uses!

The expensive apps that actually do something…

We’ve covered apps before – there are apps that you can get for absolutely nothing, apps for a quid and apps around the ten pound mark…now what about all of you out there who want to spend as much money as possible on your apps?  Don’t worry…we’ve found the most expensive apps the you can get, and actually they aren’t a waste of space either…

Ira Pro

If you have a spare small fortune lying around and you want to start up your own security business then this is the app for you – no doubt!  This app allows you to monitor and control IP based video surveillance equipment from wherever you are in the world – you can sit on a beach in Dubai and connect to your home cameras to check if your kids are having a party and breaking all your stuff…James Bond wouldn’t have anything to moan about anymore…

Price: £499

MATG Dynamics GP

If you were wondering, MATG isn’t a random bunch of letters – MATG stands for My Accounts To Go.  This expensive app is really aimed at the business person inside of all of us, although only real business people will actually find it of any use…with this app you can wirelessly sync yourself up to your company’s database and get all the warehouse information, sales orders, accounts statements and all the other stuff that accountant people just love to talk about.  If you have a need for it then this is the app for you but make sure you get permission from your IT Department before dolling over the cash!

Price: £279


I don’t know how we’ve gotten by in life without this informative app to help us on our merry journeys.  Lexi-COMPLETE is a complete reference list for all you medical pros out there – the app gives information about medicine, diagnosis procedures, disease management and other things you would hope your doctor would already know.  If you see your doctor whipping out his iPhone and scrolling through a list I suggest you get up and run out and find another doctor…

Price: £179


This app is aimed at the theatre professionals out there.  This app allows you to control lighting fixtures and consoles through your iPhone if the lighting desk was just too far away for convenience or the sliders were heavy and you just wanted to slide your finger on your sleek touch screen instead.  You aren’t going to be throwing away your lighting desk with the introduction of this app though, so really this is more for those technicians that live to show off.

Price: £59.99

Expensive Apps:  Useful or A Waste of Space?

Perhaps these apps don’t scream out to either you nor I and neither one of us is rushing out to spend the price of a ’98 Astra on a little tool for the iPhone but what do you think about them?  Are they useful for the right person or are they seriously lame?  Leave us a comment and let us know…

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