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Top iPhone RPGs You Should Own

RPGs – Let’s forget our own lives for a minute…

Everyone enjoys a bit of role playing from time to time – role playing games are such a great way of passing the hours without thought and you are always left feeling like you’ve accomplished something even though you were only operating within the parameters of a few images.

The thing with RPGs is that you can go and do things that you wouldn’t normally be able to – you can sell drugs guilt free, kill people because you felt like it and explore middle earth because you’re bored of this one…

If you are an RPG nut or you just want to live in someone else’s shoes for a little bit then read on to find the best RPGs for the iPhone that cost you absolutely zilch!

1112 Episode 01 Lite

Although the name is a bit of a handful the game is a bit of a masterpiece.  The app is a mystery game involving a man who gets headaches and warped dreams…if you think that sounds fun then imagine the addition of hi-res images accompanied by exclusive music and funky animated backgrounds.


Ever since the Godfather hit the silver screen so long ago, men around the world have wanted to be able to utter the words “don’t ever take sides against the family” in that weird, cartoon voice that has become the epitome of gangster life.  Well now you can and from the comfort of your iPhone no less…

iMafia does exactly what it says on the tin…you start as a mafia hoodlum and work your way up the ranks, earning street cred and performing missions all in the name of the mob.


If you’re greedy then this app is for you – the sole purpose of this game is to gather as much loot as possible.  There are more than a thousand items that you can search around for, fight for and steal…it’s as simple as that!

Agency Wars Lite

Who wants to be James Bond?  Yes please…secret agents are pretty cool so it only makes sense to release a game where you can pretend to be one.  You can work for the likes of the CIA the KGB or if you’re a British patriot then MI6!!!

Accept missions and be on your way around the globe fighting for your country in the loneliest job on the planet.  It’s not that lonely on the iPhone though as you can play with up to five mates.

The VOID: Lite

Space pirates haven’t had enough games dedicated to them…but now with the VOID lite you can battle your way through the galaxy as a space pirate until your heart is content.

As you can imaging the further along through the game you get, the more weapons you manage to unlock and play with – it’s a simple method that has managed to excite time and time again!


Are you an RPG fanatic or could you take it or leave it?  Let us know what kind of gamer you are by leaving us a comment…

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