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UHF RF Bugging Equipment

Shafkat Shahzad - Senior Technical Content ManagerThe article will provide a reader with information on UHF RF Bugging equipment. Please note that UHF Listening devices have been around for many years now. These devices use Radio Frequency transmissions to send audio in real-time to RF Receivers located a short distance away (Up to 400 metres). These units can be used to remotely listen in to what is happening in a room in which they have been placed or be connected to the telephone line to enable remote monitoring of telephone conversations. UHF Listening equipment has now been deemed as illegal to use in the UK and European Union because this operates on frequencies set aside for military applications. It is therefore illegal for Spy Equipment UK to ship this equipment to any customer in the UK and EU boundaries.

For those customers outside the UK and EU, UHF listening equipment offers a stable and established mode of transmitting clear audio over a short distance. UHF transmitters can be built into everyday objects. UHF transmitters can also be attached to a telephone line to transmit audio from both sides of a landline conversation to a receiver within range. UHF Receivers can be used to listen in live or with a recorder attached, a recording of transmitted audio can be made at the same time as listening in or alternatively a recorder can be left to work in conjunction with the receiver and voice activation facility to capture high quality recordings.

UHF transmitters and receivers are an excellent alternative to GSM devices. In some ways they are more efficient because they can be set to work alone and there are no ongoing extra costs for transmission of audio, that would always be associated with GSM transmitting units.

If a user has read the article then he/she would have gained knowledge about UHF RF Bugging equipment.

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