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VGA-The Awards And Reveals.

The video game awards, an annual pastime each year to celebrate the year’s best gaming entertainment. A growing critique of the show though is that the awards largely come second to the gaming press as well as chosen reveals for future releases. So didn’t realise it was on or just missed it? Have no fear (do have faith) that the all you need to know about the night is right here.

AWARDS: Portal 2 dominated the showing picking up the most awards for; best female voice, multiplayer, DLC, male voice and best PC game. In some distance away, Uncharted 3, Batman: Arkham City, Bastion all picked up 2 awards while Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim picked up 3 including the GOTY award. Considering the nominees for the awards, it was evenly split with each award deservedly going to the titles though how multi-platform title Batman got best XBOX game over Gears of War 3 which incidentally is an exclusive for the XBOX.

GAMING PRESS: For an annual game awards show it seems strange to present new titles for the future. Yet this is the current trend for gaming press/hype these days and last night was ultimately no different. The big stories was that Playstation exclusive The Last of Us is being developed by Naughty Dog-developers of Crash Bandicoot and the recently critically acclaimed Uncharted trilogy. The game takes a Resident Evil esque perspective on a zombie character driven game. Considering the talent behind it, this could be one to watch out for in 2012.

Metal Gear: Rising continues to have a troubled development with Konami and Hideo Kojima now handing the reigns over to Platinum Games. This team were responsible for two of last year’s brilliant but largely underrated and overlooked games-Bayonetta+Vanquish. The story has also been revised for after MGS4 allowing Platinum to create its own take on the story without confsuing events of the other games. Another talented studio that should create a worthy addition to the Metal Gear series.

On a more serious note, the show was a commercial disaster for the viewers. Mocking gaming health systems? Teabagging winners? What on earth possessed the team behind the show to say in the face of gamings critics, “look at how stupid gaming is. We are good at creating a good representation.” Unbelievably baffling. Never have I witnessed something like this. If gaming is going to break the critics moulds then we need events like these to be diverse and interesting not for immature people-the medium is growing in maturity not immaturity.

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