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Video Streaming – Don’t Be Scared iPhone…

DSi to introduce on-demand video…

The guys over at Nintendo are ready to introduce another sweet little feature that is set to attack the iPhone yet again – as if they haven’t done enough with the introduction of DSi Ware downloadable content…but let’s put that behind us…

Nintendo are planning on supplying DSis around the world with on-demand video that will supply the device with even more weapons in the battle between the portable gaming consoles and the Smartphones.

The President of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, claims that video downloads will be available in Japan by the end of the year, saying “we’ll start the service in Japan, and if it does well, we’d like to take it overseas.”

“There are a lot of on-demand video services, so there’s no reason to do the same thing.  So we’re going to do something different,” continues Iwata.

This move is just another potential nail in the iPhone’s premature coffin – but not worry because we have uncovered a few helpful apps that supply alternatives to Nintendo’s services to keep the balance fair!

Truveo Video Search

If you’ve had about enough of searching YouTube from your iPhone and you want to broaden your field a bit then this is the app that you have been looking for.  Sometimes YouTube doesn’t have everything to fulfil your needs and so the next best thing is Truveo which claims to have a six-figure view count so far.


Ever wanted to know how to do something…anything?  Well don’t worry because there is a massive library of videos waiting to be uncovered teaching you how to do just about anything you could want to do.  Search around for tutorials on how to do pretty much anything from learning how to make origami to learning a little DIY!

The Weather Channel

Perhaps it’s not entertainment at its best but if you want to know the weather I can safely say that you’ll find what you’re looking for through this app.  Check out video footage of the weather readings which are available for playback at your convenience.  Never find yourself trapped without a clue about the weather again!


Perhaps this is video streaming at its best!  This tidy little app allows you to get a web cam view of the world right from your palm- if you want to check out what’s happening in Berlin then feel free – if you want to check out Japan then be my guest – there are around 6,000 webcams that can be accessed by the app which means you won’t be getting bored fast.

What about you?

Are you an iPhone fanboi that feels threatened by the recent angst of the DSi?  Have you found one of our apps helpful?  Do you think that the iPhone can still fight off the Nintendo giants or is it all over already?  Leave us a comment and let us know what you think…

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