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Wake Up And Smell The Coffee!

Smell The CoffeeAs the revolution which is JAVA continues to gather pace it is often easy to miss how often you will come across JAVA on the internet. More and more we are missing the emergence of the now infamous coffee cup and the aroma which is rising to the sky!

JAVA is becoming ever more vital in the world of computer programming, allowing the same programs to be used on a vast array of platforms without the need for change. It is this main characteristic which has seen the JAVA language become part of everyday life on the internet without many people even noticing.

One area which has benefitted greatly from the JAVA code is chat rooms and the mass of sites which operate JAVA supported “rooms”. How may times how you visited your favourite chartroom and spotted the JAVA “coffee cup”?

JAVA is affectively a bridge between the different platform formats available on the internet and any program which is written in JAVA can be used on different platforms without any amendments. It is this bridging capacity which continues to see the language taking a more prominent role in the life of computer programmers of today.

As the internet continues to grow in size and depth we are seeing more and more different platform formats which are very much playing to the strengths of JAVA. Can you imagine how much time it saves by only having to write a program in JAVA and using it across different platforms, rather than writing a version for each different platform?

If you liken it to the time taken to write a version of one game for the Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3 and the Xbox at the same time you might get the picture. But the beauty of JAVA is the fact that very often you don’t even know that you are using it!

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