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WarioWare: Photograph and Myself coming to the DSi

Nintendo has announced that they have seemingly decided to bring together the success of WarioWare with the ever-enjoyable act of ‘movement’ by planning on releasing WarioWare: Photograph, the first of a succession of exclusive DSi-specific games.  The game plans to incorporate the onboard twin cameras on the DSi, which are fixed securely within the hinges of the console, requiring the users to sit the console on a table and then stand back so their image appears on the screen.  Warioware: Photograph will be reminiscent of the Sony EyeToy games, allowing players to control the game by moving around.

Warioware: Photograph, being hailed by many as a party game, will be made completely available for download from December via DSiWare platform, explained the company’s president Satoru Iwata.

A second game in the chain has also been announced called WarioWare: Myself, which is being hailed as possibly the more appealing of the two games, where the user gets to construct their own exclusive mini-games, with the option to share the creation with other users.

An example of one of the games within WarioWare: Photograph is where the players are presented with a large, bogey-filled nose with the aim being to line their fingers up underneath it.

If WarioWare just wasn’t enough for your playing pleasure, Nintendo have also announced that they will be making downloadable utilities available, such as calendars and clocks, that will feature famous characters that have featured in the history of the Nintendo family.  It has also been rumoured that there will soon be appearing some DSiWare ArtStyle puzzlers on their way.

Pricing information seems to be rather scarce at the moment, as it appears Nintendo want us kept guessing.  However, so far we do know that some DSi titles will be totally free while others will be priced using Nintendo points; 200 (£1.70), 500 (£4.25) or 800 (£6.80).

Those of us here in Europe however will have to wait until next year until we are privy to the DSi, which was released in Japan on 1st November.  Regrettably, software for the console will be region-locked restricting the flow of imports.

Nonetheless, don’t feel left out if you have no intention on buying the DSi when it is finally released next year.  WarioWare Myself has also been announced for use on the DS, where players will be able to do the same as the DSi version: create and share mini-games.  Nintendo is also working on a WiiWare counterpart edition of the game that will allow users to try out the mini-games on their home consoles, but this adaptation will lack the all important creation tool.

Satoru Iwate has confirmed the DSi will be launched in Europe in 2009, saying, “”Specific plans will be unveiled by our local subsidiaries, but an autumn or year-end launch would probably be too late”.  Such a long wait for something that has already been released in Japan feels like pure heartbreak, and with games on the horizon like WarioWare: Photograph and Myself, it feels as though the wait will all be worth it, but it wouldn’t hurt if that wait was cut down.

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