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What We Can Expect From The PSP Go

Sony PSP Go – What we know so far…

If there was a console worth buying this year, then it would have to be the recently launched Sony PSP Go, Sony’s next evolutionary move in the Portable PlayStation family.

The PSP Go has been labelled, by the guys over at Sony themselves, as the “worst kept secret of E3” after news of the next step in the PSP’s future was leaked days before Sony actually launched it.

The PSP Go was launched at the E3 Conference last week and has picked up great acclaim since the launch as being the Nintendo killer that Sony had been looking for for years.

Nintendo have been enjoying major success ever since the launch of their DS and Wii consoles and it’s about time that Sony managed to pull one out of the bag that looked capable of taking on the big boys once again.

So what have we got in store?

Well, the PSP Go is half the size of the PSP 3000 and due to this is also half the weight of the 3000 too!  This means that we’re looking at a console already tackling the DSi in the weight department making your gaming experiences that much more enjoyable.

Next up we’ve got 16GB worth of flash memory to play with – we’re talking iPhone proportions now and it’s about time too.  Think of all that space we can play with, filling it all up with downloadable content from Sony, along with music, movies, etc…what a treat!

The PSP Go is kitted out with a slide down control pad that brings the controls back together like an original PlayStation control pad with the screen sliding above the controls.

We’re also provided with a memory card slot expanding the PSP Go’s storage limit even further, not to mention Bluetooth and built in Wi-Fi capabilities.


However, if you’ve got a stack of PSP games on UMD then I’m afraid you wasted a bit of money as Sony have confirmed that the Go will not be back-compatible and will not be able to play UMD games.

According to the Sony website, the PSP Go is going to be on sale from “The Fall” which is being classed as October 1 and is set to cost quite a reasonable £150…if you think about how much people paid for the lame upgrade known as the DSi then this is very reasonable indeed.

With the PSP Go, Sony are hoping to win over the casual gamers out there, away from the competition from the likes of Nintendo and Apple – the iPhone and the DS consoles have proven to be quite a hit not only with hardcore gamers, but also with older gamers and women who have usually stayed away from gaming fun…

Going For The Go?

Are you excited about the release of the PSP Go?  Do you think it’s a true DSi killer?  Will you be going out to buy one?  Let us know…

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