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The article will provide information on widgets such as Broadband TV News widget, Speedtest.net widget and Widget Television.
Let’s see what a widget is. A broadband widget shows a user how good his/her broadband server is, does it live up to the promises of the advertised speeds of 8MB or 12MB for example.
If a user is interested in adding Broadband TV News to his/her website then he/she should follow the steps as mentioned below:
1. A user can click on the ‘Get Widget’ button at the foot of the Broadband TV News widget.
2. Now are user can choose where he/she wants to place the widget. My Space, Facebook, Typepad, Blogger, Live Journal or WordPress.
3. Finally, a user can now copy the code and place into his/her website or blog
A user can also check the broadband speed with speedtest.net test widget. This will let a user know what are the broadband upload and download rates actually are. A speedtest.net measures the performance of the broadband connection. It is a free broadband speed test with servers located all over the world. A user can compare the results with others and easily share them.
By using Speedtest.net, a user can consistently verify if the Internet service provider is delivering the connection speed they promised.

Widget Television offers over 200 channels of broadband streaming video available on this newest version. It has easier channel selection with selected channel layering, faster stream grabs for all channels. The channel categories include Music, News, Government, Public Access, Educational, Movies, Religion, General, and Sports.

The requirements are:
PPC, Mac OS X 10.4.1 or later, broadband internet connection

Please note that the Widget TV experience could be ruined by slow broadband speeds.

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