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Windows Mobile to enter the application store market

It seems as though Apple’s AppStore started off a new generation of online application stores for smart phones and there is a new contender that’s getting ready to enter the market.  Windows Mobile is apparently preparing to release the news that they will be bringing out their own version of the AppStore, according to a leaked source on the Internet.

It seems as though the time is right for Windows Mobile to follow in the footsteps of those that have gone before them.  Apple, as we all know, started the trend around the time of the release of their iPhone 3G, and not so long afterwards the likes of Android joined the industry with their Android Market.  Then, like ants around sugar, Palm launched its software store and Blackberry are in line preparing their own version.  Windows Mobile are actually quite later to join in the race, and they are going to have to catch up or drop out.

Windows Mobile’s version of the application store is being dubbed SkyService and is set to be announced by Steve Ballmer of Windows Mobile at Mobile World Congress next month.  However, the news about the application store has been leaked, which could be seen as an attempt to bring some attention to the launch.  Ballmer is said to be set to announce the service at the same time that he will announce Windows Mobile 6.5.

The SkyService is said to include three different areas that should attract the likes of companies and personal users alike.  The SkyMarket is the application store section of the service which is aimed at developers who want to provide their applications for money.

The SkyBox is a cloud-based phone-sync service which will hold the user’s information and content such as contacts, email, text messages, calendars and photos.  The SkyBox works in a similar way to Apple’s MobileMe service which has not been doing very well since its conception, struggling against bugs.

The SkyLine is a small business version of the SkyBox but focuses more on the strengths of the companies allowing them to set up Microsoft Exchange hosting.

The AppStore from Apple has proven to be a great platform for developers to get their applications out to a large audience.  However, because Apple have already proven how strong the application store can be, it is now just that much harder for any other application stores to attract customers.  The application stores are starting to prove to be keen selling points for handsets now and the success of these stores is fairly relevant to the success of the operating system that is linked with them.

Meanwhile, the AppStore has recently made news for passing the 500 million download mark, confirming that the AppStore is definitely on track to be a complete success.  This success means that other applications stores such as Android’s Market and now Windows Mobile’s store will really struggle to compete to attract new custom.

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