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Xbox 360 v.s Sony PS3- Which One Is Better?

I have owned all of Sony’s consoles to date and to be quite frank each one has been fantastic. The PS3 though and despite how much I laud the console, it has its faults when compared to its similar brethren the “360.”  So from a neutral perspective and as a critic, which one is better? Lets get the fanboy’s annoyed…

The games: Sony boast the Uncharted trilogy, God of War, Metal Gear Solid 4 and Little Big Planet. Microsoft boast the likes of the Gears of War trilogy, Halo 3, Fable and Forza Motorsport. Exclusives are what make consoles in any defined era and the same applies here. While the Xbox does have some top notch exclusives, they are in a minority when compared to the PS3. Sony boast outside of the ones mentioned; Heavy Rain, Warhawk, Killzone 2, Motorstorm, Resistance and many more. The 360 when in comparison does not boast that much more other than Mass Effect 1 as a “must have.” There are the XBLA titles such as Minecraft but there is not a lot more that screams top notch exclusive. So for the exclusives, Sony has it in the bag.

The console: Both have been plagued by a variety of issues. Whether its the “red ring of death” to the PSN outage last year, both consoles are not the ideal picture of perfection. That said, the PS3 was much more reliable in years gone by but now its about even when analysing system faults that occur. I would say this is a tie. The PS3 as a system is smooth and reliable but has had a variety of damaging network problems that far outweigh the faults of the Xbox in the past which is now just as reliable (the newer models that is anyway).

Online: Ask me this question 3 years ago and I would have said the Xbox outright. Now though, the PSN has come on leaps and bounds from the days when the online was very bare. That said, it does not have the perks that the Xbox has. Cross game chat, social media interactivity, hordes of people playing online makes the Xbox marginally better online. Sure, Microsoft are making bizarre choices with persistent advertising and pop-ups yet Sony are still behind when it comes to making the online connectivity easier.

Verdict: I could write much more in depth about this but the fact remains no matter how much detail is there is that these consoles are very much evenly matched. The consoles don’t differ and stray away from each other that much. It is a matter of preference mainly when it comes to the games i.e. what tastes does the gamer have and peer pressure from what everyone has etc.

Yet, when taken online and which is the fundamental part of this generation, the Xbox is a better console-just. Sony have made some stunning innovations online whether it be with Little Big Planet’s creating and sharing or the advanced premium PSN model. Yet the Xbox makes life easier with smoother connectivity and a better service in the Xbox Live for gamers. Put simply, the Xbox is on par with the PS3 and betters it in the online department but not by a massive margin though as the PSN is still improving. Here’s hoping for that damned cross game chat soon!

What do you think? Do you agree the Xbox is better or is it a matter of preference?

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