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Xbox On?

The Xbox One has made a a good impression in its release despite its problems and issues from the very moment it was announced. Here is some coverage and impressions of the Xbox One as well as also why you should consider purchasing one.

The Xbox One is not a gaming console as pure as the PS4. That much is given. Its support for Indie games, Free to play games and all round ability to encompass gaming purity is faltering. However, what you will get with the Xbox One is unsurpassed media capability. The ‘snap’ feature and built in Skype are perhaps one of the best features yet for the Xbox. So here is an analysis of individual aspects of the console and what it does better than the PS4.

Gaming: The Xbox consoles have had a limited variety of exclusives in the past dominated by Western shooters such as Halo and Gears Of War. For the new launch, new exclusive Ryse was thrown into the fray as well as Dead Rising 3 and Forza Motorsport 5. Ryse is instantly reminiscent of God of War-it is clear where that inspiration has come from. Graphically and technically, the game is a marvel but is hounded by repetitive gameplay.

Dead Rising 3 isn’t a spectacular zombie shooter like Left 4 Dead or perhaps more recently in theme than The Last Of Us. Yet, it is solid, fun and big in numbers. It just does not do enough to evolve the Dead Rising formula that has either been loved or hated by some. Forza 5 is probably the best exclusive for the Xbox One and the one in which you would most likely get with the console. While solid, it is lacks much depth compared to previous instalments. Also, the micro-transactions are not the most welcome also.

Media: The Xbox can double as a top-box for your TV in which services like Sky can be incorporated into the console. There have been problems with juddering framerates as in America, television is generally displayed in 60fps whereas here it is 50fps so causes judder in displaying content. One of the more amusing problems is when adverts are displayed on the tv through the Xbox and if an Xbox ad appears saying a specific kinect command, the console will follow that command.

The console supports the main apps such as Netflix, Iplayer and so on. But the console does support Skype which is a major bonus considering its Kinect functionality. Down the line, I would expect the capability and functionality to be improved for the UK in the future. We have seen little also of the Smartglass function for the console also but 2014 should be the time when the console comes alive outside of the US at least.

Other: The console is more expensive than the PS4 though should you have purchased the launch console, you would have got the console, kinect and a game for £429 which isn’t that bad considering. If you get the chance to purchase one now though, it is the same price without a game though however which is a shame really.

The console is slightly less powerful than the PS4 and much has been made of that in terms of overall performance. Yet its capabilities near enough match the PS4 pound for pound though. But, you won’t buy the console for its power alone though as most games will be equally optimised. The exclusives will show the true nature of the console however.

Overall: Depending on how you live your life with media, the Xbox One could be the essential convenient purchase you have been waiting for. Games, media functionality, built in skype-it screams convenience albeit it at an expensive price. The console has been optimised for America mainly though and it will take time for the console to settle in other areas. The console has not enjoyed the best of starts though and it may come back to haunt Microsoft.

Titanfall aside, the exclusives are not all that appealing for the console. Depending how soon as to when Halo comes, Titanfall looks to be the saviour for the console. If only Microsoft could branch out to Indie developers and make their console more friendly worldwide, it will be a success.

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