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Xbox One

The Xbox One is the successor to the Xbox 360 released 22/11/13. The console had a mixed start with a poor announcement event in May 2013 and a dull E3 showing a month later. With rumours fluctuating about the console’s drm policies and second hand capabilities, Microsoft announced the u-turn on the console dubbed the “Xbox One-Eighty.” The move was positively received and seen as a counter to Sony’s open style with Indie developers and its community.

Both the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 have similarly developed consoles with a PC architecture based system in place with the PS4 slightly being more powerful with a superior RAM in place.

The launch line-up of games for the Xbox One does look promising though with some standout titles and exclusives:

-Titanfall (EA/Respawn Develpment). From the guys behind Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare comes this futuristic FPS. Combining parkour and mech elements, this online shooter looks to steal a slice of Call of Duty’s market. Exclusive to the XB1 and PC.

-Forza 5 (Microsoft Studios). The next gen driving game that packs a punch. Great graphics, real driving-this is Gran Turismo for the XB1.

-Dead Rising 3 (Capcom). Want ridiculous Zombie Bashing not the slow methodical pace seen in TWD or The Last Of Us? Dead Rising 3 has you covered. It has more zombies , guns and nonsense than ever. Hell, you can even pick up a tablet and bomb the hell out of zombies. XB1 only.

After the rocky start, the XB1 could recover well long-term. While it has a higher price point, it has potential similar as to how the PS3 was. At £429 with a kinect and game